Your Guide to Portable Air Conditioning.

Feeling hot and sticky is a problem we all face when the weather is bright and sunny outside. It is so important to know how to keep cool over the summer without getting stressed out. Portable air conditioning units ventilate the air and lower the general temperature of your living area helping to sort this problem out. They are intended to make rooms feel fresh and are available to buy in a range of styles making it is easy to find the one that works best for you.

How Does a Portable Air Conditioning Unit Work?

An air-conditioner is a handy portable machine that works by drawing the warm air from your room, removing the heat and putting out drier air which will be cooler. Air conditioners have fans that transfer the warm interior air over cold refrigerant-filled coils to chill the air.

They can be used in most rooms in your home but because they can be a powerful piece of equipment, you do need to give some thought into where you put your portable air conditioning unit

Thinking About Room Size

Room dimensions

Removing heat from the surrounding air is not the only helpful thing that a portable air conditioning unit does. You will need to think about levels of humidity, which is the volume of water vapor in the air, as usually the smaller the room, the higher the humidity. This is a key factor in how your body reacts to the heat in the environment, so you need the right size unit for the room to avoid creating a moisture trap.

Not every air conditioning unit will operate effectively in every single room in your home. It is vital to get the precise one to work for you. It is really important to ponder about what you actually use the chosen room for. Our houses are full of technology and gadgets which produce heat, so you need to work out how many devices you have working away in the background that generate extra heat. Also remember that rooms like conservatories will want a more powerful air conditioning unit in comparison to a similar sized room elsewhere in your home which is dark with small windows.

Calculating the Unit Size You Need

To calculate the size of air conditioning unit you’ll need, simply multiply the length of the room by its width then multiply that total times 25 BTU (this is the cooling capacity of a unit measured in British Thermal Units).

Smaller BTU air conditioning units will have to work a little bit harder as they incessantly try to keep up to cool a big room. On the other hand, a large air conditioner can also be troublesome. This is due to the fact that as well as cooling the air, big portable air conditioning units will be taking the humidity from the air, and so if you have one that is too large for your room, it will cycle on and off regularly and will not be able to do the job you need it to.

Based on size alone, an air conditioner normally requires 20 Btu for each square foot of living space.

Planning for Ventilation

All portable air conditioning units work by expelling hot air which they have removed from your room. Portable air conditioning units require you to make sure that all the hot air that is being made is vented to a suitable area otherwise the conditioner cannot cool successfully. 

Portable air conditioners are usually vented out of your windows through options that come with the unit when you buy it. However, if you are lacking in the window department, you can still vent away the heat through other places such as the floor or into another room. As long as you are moving the heat out of the space that you are trying to cool, your portable air conditioner will run along happily.

Energy Use

Buying the correct capacity portable air-conditioner for your home is crucial. This is because you need to find an air conditioner which is powerful enough to keep you cool, but one which will not see your energy bills soar. This is why carrying out that calculation we provided above is essential to getting the right unit for the room sizes in your home.

How Efficient are Portable Air Con units?

There are numerous kinds of air conditioners accessible to homeowners, but portable air conditioning units are commonly considered to be one that you need to keep your eye on regarding energy output. When compared to window and ductless conditioners, portable air conditioners use more energy and are usually the more expensive choice for daily use.

What you will find is that you’ll have better control of a portable unit’s temperature. This, in turn, will give you energy efficiency benefits by varying the temperature using higher settings for quick cooling. When you fine-tune the temperature of your portable air conditioner and place it on higher settings, your body will quickly acclimate to a slightly higher temperature setting which is a lot less expensive.

The key advantage of portable air conditioners is in their not needing permanent installation. This means they can be used in whichever room needs cooling and they can be taken with you should you move home!

Features to Look For

Portable air conditioners now offer a wide range of features so you need to know what to look out for that will help you the most.

Mode Settings

Portable air conditioners have a variation of settings which allow you to do a multitude of things such as dehumidify, fan and reduce or increase the speed for a more comfortable life.


The self-evaporator feature guarantees that all the moisture from your room that is collected by the unit is easily evaporated. This means that you will not have to continuously empty the unit out of any water collected.

Adjustable Thermostat

This feature allows you to take total control over the temperature. Adjust to the most comfortable temperature for you, and the thermostat allows you to keep a constant, ideal temperature in your room.

Odour removal

Some portable air conditioning units give you the opportunity to keep your space smelling fresh and clean with this special feature.


You can program your portable air conditioner with this feature to automatically switch on and off whenever you need to which assists in reducing energy costs at the same time. You can set your conditioning unit to come on before you come home from work, or if you fall asleep you can feel safe in the knowledge that your unit can turn itself off.

Air purification

A filtration system is inbuilt on some units to eradicate harmful things like dust and bacteria. This allows you to generate a healthier and more comfortable room, particularly good for anyone in the family with allergies.


Extra humidity makes a room stale and uncomfortable and will even give you mold and damp. A dehumidifying feature eliminates this humidity from the air preventing this from happening. This feature is particularly good for families with allergies.

Fan Speed

Some types of portable air conditioner permit you to regulate the fan speed in the unit to suit your requirements.

Sleep Mode

Not being able to sleep at night as your room is too hot can be very distressing. You can buy portable air conditioners with a sleep mode allowing you to lessen the noise levels, and the temperature can be regulated to aid you to sleep peacefully.

A portable air conditioner delivers the most resourceful way of cooling in comparison to traditional fans and coolers. There are diverse types of portable air conditioners which all have with their own advantages and distinct features. It is vital to know what you need to have when looking to buy an air conditioner to guarantee that you get best suited unit for your circumstances.