Rosewill Humidifier

The Rosewill humidifier

Are you always bothered by dry skin? Does your significant other’s snoring problem wake you up in the middle of the night? Did you know that all of the above are caused by dry air, and there’s one easy solution? That’s right! All those problems can be fixed by finding the best small humidifier for your home.

How do Humidifiers Help?

Our skin gets dry because our homes tend to not be within the “optimum level”, which is between 30 to 50 per cent. That’s also why some of us tend to snore in our sleep. What an air humidifier does is increase the humidity level of a room by emitting water vapor. That’s right, it’s as easy as that!

There are various types of air humidifiers, and when shopping for one, you should keep in mind your needs. Do you want a compact one? Do you want to refill it less often? Is the flexibility of the humidity output important? If any of that sounded useful to you, let me introduce you to…

The Rosewill Humidifier

Let me introduce you to Rosewill’s RHHD-14002 air humidifier.

Rosewill’s humidifier does everything you’d want one to do, and just a little bit more. Dry skin and noses, itchy eyes, snoring – all gone at the flick of a switch.

This humidifier carries a 5L water tank which will give you 10 hours of use at the highest setting (so longer if you don’t need it going at high!). It has 2-nozzles that are adjustable on a 360º rotation as well as an output dial that gives you near-complete customisation.

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  • Fully adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Large capacity (5L)
  • No filter
  • Difficult to refill
  • ‘Night light’ always on

Key Features of the Rosewill Humidifier

1.  Comfort at an affordable price.

I used to believe that air humidifiers are luxurious products, no way could I ever afford one! But the wonders of the modern age make it such that luxuries like air humidifiers are more affordable for us middle-class folk. Rosewill’s RHHD-14002 humidifier is no different.

Say hello to snore-free nights of sleep, without breaking the bank.


Rosewill noise
2.  Comfort, adjustable to your needs

A lot of humidifiers on the market have a singular button with 3, non-customisable diffusion settings. A lot of humidifiers have a one-way spray, typically upwards. Not the Rosewill.

With an adjustable output dial and a 360º nozzle, you can direct the mist wherever you like at just the right amount.

3. Big tank, longer comfort

The RHHD-14002 boasts a water tank with the capacity for a whole five litres of water. That means that it can give you 10 hours of comfort at the highest setting. You’ll be able to enjoy an entire night’s sleep without having to worry about refilling it halfway through the night.

I find it a shame that it’s challenging to fill up when you need to – you have to detach the tank from the unit to fill it up (from the bottom).

Rosewill dimensions
4. LED night light

If you’re thinking of adding this to your child’s room, this humidifier also comes with a built-in LED night light. It’s also helpful if you’re putting it in your own bedroom, so your late-night toilet trips don’t end with a stubbed toe!

Sadly, it doesn’t come with an off switch. So, if you don’t like sleeping with a light on, you’ll have to put the Rosewill humidifier at the other end of the room. It will still be effective though, don’t worry – it can humidify rooms up to 250 square feet!

The thing about filters

Maybe the biggest issue I have with this Rosewill humidifier is its filter-less design. While it may be great that it is a lot easier to clean without a filter, that means that you have to be careful with the type of water you put into the tank.

Using hard water with your humidifier will reduce its lifespan because the minerals in the water will clog up the insides! So, if you live in a country that has hard tap water, you might have to consider getting a water filter jug.


From reading the reviews available on the internet, most users of the Rosewill Humidifier seem happy with their purchase. 

Amazing, it runs for ten hours on one tank of water.

Great value for money.

Quiet and easy to use.

Would be even better if I could turn the light off.

Alternatives to the Rosewill Humidifier

Levoit Classic 200Levoit Classic 200

This humidifier doubles as an essential oil diffuser so you can enjoy a little aromatherapy on the side for a bit more money. It is a bit smaller than the Rosewill with a 4L capacity tank and comes only with a single function button.

+ Aromatherapy diffuser
+ 360º rotation single-nozzle
– Smaller water tank (4L)
– Only 3 output settings

ElechomeElechomes HTJ-2119

The HTJ-2119 humidifier comes with a remote control so you can adjust settings to your liking, up to 6 meters away! It is slightly smaller than the Rosewill but it does come with a water filter

+ Comes with a filter
+ Remote controlled
– Only 4L capacity
– Quite pricey

Geniani humidifierGeniani 2-in-1

This is another humidifier that’s smaller than Rosewill’s but you get the bonus feature of aromatherapy. The Geniani humidifier is also easier to refill and a lot easier to clean.

+ 2-in-1 combo
+ Easy to refill
– Smaller water tank (4L)
– More expensive


The Rosewill RHHD-14002 air humidifier gives you a lot for an affordable price. With over 10 hours of use at the highest setting, you can say farewell to sleepless nights caused by your partner’s snoring problem. On top of that, you’ll be able to enjoy life with rejuvenated skin, and you can finally say goodbye to discomfort.