Hello Kitty Humidifier

Hello Kitty Humidifier

This has to be the cutest humidifier around! The Hello Kitty Humidifier is though a well designed and effective tool in the home. Ideal for the children’s bedrooms where it won’t look out of place but will help in perfecting the air as they sleep.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Safety is always a main priority for families with newborns and young children. A cool mist humidifier doesn’t need a heating element and so becomes a much safer option.  The fine mist particles which are produced are cool to the touch so there’s no risk of scalding.

Newborns are what’s called an obligate nasal breather. So, that means that for their first 4-6 months of life, they breathe through their nose. A humidifier can help to clear any congestion meaning breathing becomes easier, a better quality of sleep and less frustration for everyone!

The Hello Kitty Humidifier

Let me introduce you to the Hello Kitty Humidifier humidifier.

Don’t be fooled by the cutesy appearance of this humidifier. This is a well-designed unit which features all the functionality of the more traditionally styled humidifiers

A 1 gallon water tank gives you up to 24 hours of use. This is then combined with a safety cut off feature, this humidifier can be set up and left to do its thing.  We really like the 360 degree directional mist lid, so that you can decide the direction that the mist should flow.

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  • Optional filter
  • Auto switch off when empty
  • Variable directional
  • No night light
  • Should not be placed on wooden furniture
  • ‘Night light’ always on

Key Features of the Hello Kitty Humidifier

1. Variable Speed and Directional Settings

The Hello Kitty humidifier has a 360-degree mist lid which means that you can decide the direction in which the mist should travel.  This humidifier is recommended for rooms that are up to 500 sq. ft. which is pretty much your average medium to large room.  

Hello Kitty Humidifier in bedroom
2.  Whisper Quiet

With its whisper quiet operation, this is a perfect choice for childrens bedrooms.  To give you peace of mind, it’s also equipped with an automatic shut-off safety feature. That means that if the water tank becomes empty, the unit will shut off. 

3. One Gallon Tank

Some humidifiers can be really tricky to refill and when something is a pain to use, then we stop using it. So it’s a key design feature that the 1-gallon tank fits under a standard kitchen or bathroom sink meaning there is no need to use a jug or special measuring cup. The humidifier also has an easy to carry handle at the top so transferring it from bathroom to bedroom without spills is easy. 

The manufacturers state that you should be able to get up to 24 hours use from the Hello Kitty humidifier from one tank of water.

Kitty Humidifier in room
4. Filter Optional

The Hello Kitty Humidifier runs perfectly without a filter. If however, you live in an area with excessive minerals in the water, then you can fit a filter. The demineralization filter (HS-1932) screws directly into the tank reducing the need to filter the water first.

5. Easy to Clean 

With a detachable bottom fill tank, this style of humidifier is much easier to clean. The designers have cleverly also made the water level sensor and cap removable, which means that you’re able to access and clean the entire base. 


From reading the reviews available on the internet, most users of the Rosewill Humidifier seem happy with their purchase. 

Easy to fill and it does last for 24 hours!.

Great value for money and cheap to run

Love it but manufacturers customer service is very slow to responf

Would be even better if it had a night light

Alternatives to the Hello Kitty Humidifier

iTVanilla HU-X3

Another air humidifier by iTVanilla but you’ll have to fork out just a bit more money to enjoy its extra features. This humidifier-cum-diffuser has a larger water tank compared to its sibling, with 5L capacity and boasts 48 whole hours of use!

+ 5L water tank
+ Diffuser-combo
– More expensive
– No night light

Pohl Schmitt
Pohl+Schmitt HU11

This humidifier has a smaller capacity compared to the HU-C1A but comes with a water filter. The HU11 also comes with a customisable output dial but doesn’t enjoy the 360º customisability available with the HU-C1A.

+ Water filter
+ Customisable
– 1.5L water tank
– Unidirectional spray

Geniani humidifierGeniani 2-in-1

This is another humidifier that’s smaller than Rosewill’s but you get the bonus feature of aromatherapy. The Geniani humidifier is also easier to refill and a lot easier to clean.

+ 2-in-1 combo
+ Easy to refill
– Smaller water tank (4L)
– More expensive


The Hello Kitty humidifier really is a decent humidifier so don’t discount it for something more formal looking. The children will love it and there are some real health benefits they may experience from regular use. The 24 hour running time combined with the auto cut off feature makes this a great choice for busy parents who don’t want something else added to their to do list every few hours. We highly recommend using the optional filter  to prolong the life of the humidifier and also speeding up the cleaning process.

Kitty Humidifier in room