The Geniani 2-in-1 Home Humidifier

Geniani home humidifier

Have you ever come back from a tropical holiday, only to find your skin looking like a snake’s – all scaly and flakey? This happens to me ALL THE TIME!  Turns out, the air back home is horribly dry and that’s super bad for our skin. While I would love to fly back to Thailand and live on the beach for the rest of my life, alas my bank account wouldn’t be pleased with me. So, what can I do at home to fix this problem? Find and buy the Geniani 2-in-1, which we think is in our top five list for the best home humidifier.

This is perhaps THE best small humidifier on the market and my new best friend. The Geniani 2-in-1 air humidifier is well…an air humidifier! It emits water vapor when you plug it in, and it claims that this little body is powerful enough for use in a large room – up to 220 square feet (20 square meters)!

I bet you’ve noticed the “2-in-1” in the name of this humidifier, so what’s that about? Well, not only is this a humidifier, but it’s also a diffuser. That means that you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and enjoy some aromatherapy with your fresh air.

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  • Small size
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • Large water tank (4L)
  • Only three output settings
  • Small diffuser capacity
  • Filter-less

Key Features of the Geniani 2-in-1

1.  Two in One

A humidifier and a diffuser! This means that you can add your favourite essential oil and have your room smelling lovely in a heartbeat. 

Sadly, the diffuser tray has a small sponge so you would be lucky to be able to enjoy the scent of orange peel for longer than a handful of minutes.  Though to be honest I found that was enough to scent the room without it becoming overpowering.

2.  Intelligent Mode

I know, I know: if I feel uncomfortable, I could simply change the humidity setting with a press of a button. But sometimes I just want technology to know what’s best for me, don’t you?

Well, the Geniani 2-in-1 has a built-in humidity sensor that adjusts the humidity settings automatically, so your home is always at a healthy humidity level. Without having you to lift a finger!

Geniani home humidifier controls
3. Easy to refill and clean

I remember babysitting an adorable Alaskan Malamute once, and he had his own stand-up air-conditioner unit for the summer months. It was such a fuss to refill with water – I would have to pull out the tank from the unit then go to the tap, fill it up, and carry the tankful of water back to the unit (which was heavy!). Don’t get me started on how I had to clean the thing.

I like things to be done as quickly as possible but with minimal fuss, especially cleaning. Here is where I loved the Geniani. I can just fill the humidifier tank by pouring water through a small hole at the top of the unit, without having to lift the lid.

When the humidifier needs a clean, I can just take the top off and wipe it down with a cloth. Easy peasy!

4. Affordable

I feel like this is always an essential piece of information to bring up, but it isn’t brought up enough. When I hear “humidifier”, I think: “oh, I definitely can’t afford that”.

But I’m wrong! There IS an affordable home humidifier and its right here. The Geniani 2-in-1 Humidifier holds both function and affordability, bringing luxury into your home or office without making your wallet cry.


From reading the reviews available on the internet, most users of MyAir air purifier seem happy with their purchase. 

Within 24 hours, my allergies are so much better!

So pleased I'm considering buying another.

Notice a big difference in the air.

Wish there was a setting between low and high.

Alternatives to the Geniani 2-in-2

Elechome home humidiferElechomes HTJ-2119

I have to start by saying that the Elechomes option is a lot pricier than the Geniani humidifier. This is because it comes with a few more features: it’s remote controlled and it comes with a self-timer function. This is when you need to carefully consider which features in your home humidifier you’re prepared to pay extra for. 

+ Diffuser-humidifier combination
+ Remote controlled
– Pricey
– Difficult to fill and clean

itVanilla home humidifier iTVanilla HU-C1A

This humidifier by iTVanilla has half the water capacity compared to Geniani’s with only a 2.7L tank but it makes it more affordable. The iTVanilla is highly adjustable as it comes with a 360º rotation dual-nozzle capability and a mist control dial.
+ Customisable output
+ Affordable
– Smaller water tank
– No diffuser

Vicks V4600 home humidifierVicks V4600

That’s right, Vicks has their own humidifier! The V4600 is slightly larger with a 5.4L water tank that boasts up to 33 hours of use.

+ Adjustable output dial
+ Larger water tank
– No diffuser function
– More expensive


Do you suffer from constant dry, flakey skin? Or have trouble sleeping because your nose gets super dry at night? The Geniani 2-in1 home humidifier fixes all of that for you! With quiet operation and the added bonus of aromatherapy, you could get countless nights of great, uninterrupted sleep. right place and really considering what it is that you need from an air purifier.

Geniani perfect choice home humidifier