Dreamegg Humidifier

Dreamegg Humidifier

Do you or anyone in your family suffer from constant dry skin? How about itchy eyes? Sore throat? Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve not had a good night’s sleep? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, I might have a solution for you: the Dreamegg Ultrasonic Humifidier. This may well be the best small humidifier out there!


How does it work?


A humidifier helps alleviate dry skin, cracked lips, even snoring by diffusing water vapour into the air. Did you know that a lot of us aren’t living in optimal humidity levels? A humidifier will fix that!


Unfortunately, shopping for a humidifier isn’t super straightforward since there are so many out there, all in different shapes and sizes. Make a list of things you’d like in a humidifier. Here are some examples: Do you want a big unit or a small one? Do you want your humidifier to get cleaned more easily? Maybe you’d like to use it in your child’s bedroom and would like it to double as a night light? Do your research and keep these in mind when you go out humidifier shopping!

So, What About the Dreamegg?

The Dreamegg is an air humidifier that can help eliminate all problems caused by dry air almost as soon as you turn it on. It’s compact as well, so you can use it in any room in the house without it being an eyesore – and you can bring it around to the office without difficulty! This humidifier also has a night light, you can get one for a 2-in-1 use in your child’s bedroom.

Here’s a quick look at what I personally like, and dislike, about the Dreamegg humidifier:

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  • Compact size
  • Long usage
  • Built-in timer
  • No filter
  • Slightly fussy to refill
  • Only 2 output settings

Key Features of the Dreamegg Humidifier

1.  Small Form

With a 2-liter tank, the Dreamegg is most definitely compact, which makes it easier to bring around the house (or from the home to the office, and vice versa!). It also comes with a safety feature that automatically turns the humidifier off when the water level is too low.


Its small form also makes it a lot less conspicuous, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining the chi of the room!

2.  Timer

Another thing that makes the Dreamegg perhaps the best small humidifier out there is that it comes with a timer function. Set it for 1, 3 or 6 hours, and it will automatically turn off after the timer runs out. It’s a great safety feature!

If you have to run out of the house for an emergency grocery shop, you won’t have to worry about your humidifier getting damaged from overuse. Not only from the timer function but the aforementioned auto-off feature too

dream egg timer 2

3. Up to 30 Hours of Comfort

Despite having a 2-liter water tank, it packs up to 30 hours of usage on the lowest setting. That’s absolutely incredible to think about!

That means that even though the Dreamegg the same capacity as a bottle of Coke, it gives you over a day of comfort – free from dryness!

4. One Way Dispersion

The Dreamegg humidifier disperses water vapor in only one direction (upwards), and with only two diffusion options – low or high. It will still work effectively to get rid of all your dryness problems. Nevertheless, you’ll have less customizability over your comfort.

I had to be a nit-picky to even think of this as a problem, but it might not be an issue for you – you can just turn the Dreamegg on and not have to worry about it until the next refill.

5. No Filter

This is another thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for an air humidifier: to filter or not to filter? Having a filter-less humidifier may be easier to clean, but it means that you have to be extra careful with the kind of water you use with it.

You have to make sure that you refill the humidifier with distilled or filtered water, to prevent a build-up of the minerals that are in ‘hard water’ (if that’s something you have!). Just an extra step you need to take to ensure the longevity of your otherwise helpful Dreamegg humidifier!


From reading the reviews available on the internet, most users of Dreamegg Humidifier seem happy with their purchase. 

Love this humidifier and can notice a big difference

Quiet, beautiful and easy to refill

So quiet!

Works well but difficult to clean

Alternatives to the Dreamegg Humidifer

Pohl Schmitt1. Pohl+Schmitt HU11

This humidifier is slightly smaller with a 1.5-litre tank and is thus somewhat cheaper than the Dreamegg. And unlike the Dreamegg, the HU11 gives you a lot more control over the mist output with an adjustable dial.

+ Comes with a filter
+ Auto-off safety feature
– No timer
– Only 16 hours of use

Geniani home humidifier2. Geniani 2-in-1

At first look, you can tell the most significant difference between the Geniani and the Dreamegg is that the former is a lot bigger – boasting a 4-litre water tank. That’s not all! Not only is this an air humidifier, but it doubles as an essential oil diffuser as well! 


+ 2-in-1 humidifier-diffuser combo

+ Top-fill tank

– No timer

– Only 24 hours maximum use

itVanilla3. iTVanilla HU-C1A

The iTVanilla has only a slightly bigger water tank than the Dreamegg, with a 2.7-litre maximum capacity. It also comes fully customisable, with a 360º nozzle and an output dial so you’ll have more control over your comfort.

+ Fully customisable diffusion
+ Auto-off feature
– No timer
– Difficult to refill


Ready to live comfortably? The Dreamegg humidifier may be small, but it sure does pack a punch. You can enjoy more than a whole day without the discomfort caused by dryness, thanks to its 2-liter tank with a total of 30 hours of use. 

Dreamegg in room