The Blue Pure 211+

Blue Air 211+

Many of us are now trying to find ways to improve the quality of the environment in which we live. Right at the top of our list is having clean fresh air to breathe. Sadly many of us live in busy cities or areas surrounded by traffic and industry. This is when an air purifier lets you make a difference to your health. The Blue air purifier is a  simple to use, ‘one-button’ unit with color customizable pre-filters to perfectly match with your home decor. Read on to find out more about the key features and functionality.

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  • Well built for the price
  • Quiet operation
  • Low-cost for replacement filters 
  • No true HEPA filter
  • No timer
  • No air sensor

Key Features of the Blue Pure 221+

1. The Blue Air Purifier has a Three Stage Filtration System

The Blue Pure 211+, has a simple three stage system which you can also see in the image below:

Pre-filter – The fabric pre-filter of Blue Pure 211 sits outside of the air purifier and this is designed to catch the large particles in the air. This filter can be cleaned by either washing or with a vacuum cleaner. 

Particle filter – Instead of using a True HEPA filter, the Blue Pure 211+ uses a polypropylene fibers filter. This captures 99% of all allergens like dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and fungi.

Activated Carbon Filter – This final stage is sited inside the particle filter and is highly effective against smoke, odors and gases. The filter is also effective against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) a whole range of chemicals which may have both short term and long term health effects.

Blue Air Filter system
2. Very Easy to Use

You can’t go wrong with a one-button control! This makes the Blue Pure 221 very easy to use. All you need to do is plug it in and turn it on. When you press the button for the first time, it automatically sets itself to the recommended operating speed. If you need to make adjustments then it’s just as easy to set-up.

3.  360 Degree Operation

Many air purifiers only draw in air from the front. The Blue Pure 221 has 360 degree intake, drawing air into the filter from all four sides. That means that no matter where you place it, it’s going to be totally efficient.

4.  Coverage

Did you know that indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor? The Blue Pure 221 is capable of cleaning the air in a 50m² room 5 times per hour. If your room is smaller, then that just means that air gets cleaned even faster and more frequently.

5.  Design

Uniquely customizable, the Blue Air purifier has optional fabric pre-filters available in a range of colours. This is pre-filter catches larger particles which then extends the life of the main filter. Simply pop it in the washing machine or give it a vacuum when it becomes dirty.

Blue air in room cropped


From reading the reviews available on the internet, most users of the Blue Pure 211+ air purifier seem very happy with their purchase.

Well built, very quiet at night

Cleaned our San Francisco home from the smoke of wildfires, very happy with results

Works exactly as advertised

Love it but wish the lights would dim for night time use.

Alternatives to the Blue Pure 221+

Levoit core 300Levoit Core 300

Three-stage filtration system but with a personalized filtration system. This means that you can select a filter, choosing from the original, pet allergy, toxin absorber, mold and bacteria options to best meet your needs.  A very quiet air purifier making a great option for use while sleeping.

+ Customizable Filters
+ Ultra-fine pre-filter for removing particles as small as 0.3 microns
– Larger than some similar models
– Open plan living areas may be too large for the purifier to be effective.

Germ Guardian 4825The Germ Guardian

Three-stage filtration including the use of a HEPA filter and then UV light to kill bacteria and viruses lurking in the air.  The design of this one tends to get either a love or hate response!

+ 3-step filtration
+ Quiet Operation
– Faint blue UV light keeps shining through
– Doesn’t have many smart features

Winix HR900WINIX HR900

The unique feature of this air purifier is the PlasmaWave technology. Combined with a 5 stage filtration it’s a perfect solution for pet allergies.

+ Affordable pricing for a 5 stage purifier.
+ Washable fine mesh pre-filter.
– Claims that the plasma wave technology is an irritant for asthma suffers
– Replacement filter cost is at the higher end.


Perfect for allergy sufferers, the lack of a true HEPA filter in the Blue air purifier doesn’t seem to cause this model any problems. We love the simple one touch button which means it really is an out of the box unit, no fiddling around or needing to set anything up. Plug and go!

Blue 22 in lounge