The Bissell myAir Air Purifier

Bissell myAir

Sometimes, the air in our home or office, is just off.  Perhaps it’s contaminated from smoke or kitchen smells. Maybe it’s the building work happening nearby which is sending clouds of dust into the air. If you suffer from asthma or airborne allergies, then you may find that just making a few changes to your living environment can make a huge difference to the ease with which you can breathe. While there are many options to help improve the air quality, you might find yourself asking the question ‘do air purifiers work?’

Well, an air purifier can create a significant improvement in the quality of your air but you might find many models just too big and cumbersome to be as portable as you need. Maybe you want to use the purifier in the kitchen to rid the room of cooking smells but then have it operating in the bedroom at night. While having several units might be an option, it’s an expensive one too! 

That’s where the Bissell myAir Air Purifier comes in. At just 12 inches in height and weighing 5 pounds, it’s perfect to go with you, wherever the air needs cleaning.

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  • All in one filter, meaning there’s just one to replace
  • Very quiet operation
  • Portable size, easy to move from room to room
  • Basic functionality
  • No HEPA filter

Key Features of the Bissell myAir Air Purifier

1.  Three Stage Filtration System

Pre-filter layer to capture the larger particles in the air such as hair and dander

Activated carbon filter captures household and pet odors, along with volatile organic compounds. 

High efficiency filter that works to capture 99.7% of 0.3 micron particles or larger

2.  Functions
  •  Three fan speeds, low, high and sleep
  • Timer setting, 1 hour, 4 hours and 8 hours
  • Night light
  • Filter reset button
Bissell Controls
3. Operating Noise

The myAir features a whisper-quiet operating level along with a night light on/off switch which means that you can easily create a peaceful sleeping environment when it’s used in the bedroom.

Bissell quiet
4. Well Established Manufacturer

Bissell has been operating since 1876 and that doesn’t happen if your goods are shoddy and you provide poor customer service.  An American company which started up in Michigan, they’re well known across the world for their home appliances


From reading the reviews available on the internet, most users of MyAir air purifier seem happy with their purchase. 

Within 24 hours, my allergies are so much better!

So pleased I'm considering buying another.

Notice a big difference in the air.

Wish there was a setting between low and high.

Alternatives to the Bissell myAir

Pure Enrichment Pure ZonePure Zone Air Purifier

Although this product looks very sleek, it uses UV light technology to destroy microorganisms.  While it can help how well the system works, I’ve found that this technology can, in some cases, be harmful to the environment. This still looks a very good option though and is worth considering despite being more expensive.

Germ Guardian 4825The Germ Guardian

This air purifier comes very highly rated. In my opinion, however, the product has been let down by its design, which I thought was pretty ugly! The purification specifications of the Germ Guardian are almost exactly that of the Core 300, but this purifier comes in more expensive.

Four Seasons EnvionEnvion by Boneco – Four Seasons FS200

I also looked at similar products, which also have the capability of heating and cooling. This particular model is also a dehumidifier. The higher cost and larger size of such units were not really suitable for my needs. If you’re looking for a wide range of features, then this might be one to look at.


There’s no doubt that the Bissell MyAir has limited functionality but this is an entry-level priced unit and it’s small enough to easily move around. So this is a case of setting your expectations in the right place and really considering what it is that you need from an air purifier. To answer your question ‘do air purifiers work?’ yes they do but you need the right one in the right location.

Bissell in room