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Cats and dogs. We love them.

We help animal lovers find the best air purifier for pets to keep the air clean while removing the allergens which can lead to irritation.

And as much as our furry friends love us back; some pet owners suffer from allergies caused by dander which are small skin particles that animals lose in the same way us humans do. Itchy eyes, sneezing, even skin irritation can all be symptoms of an allergy caused by our pets. 

Well, for many allergy sufferers the usual go-to solution is some kind of anti-allergy medication. Taking tablets against allergies is fine for hay-fever sufferers that only need help with their symptoms for a few weeks every year. But when you’re living 24/7 with your pet, incorporating tablets into your diet isn’t exactly ideal.


The Best Air Purifier For Pet Owners?

This can be a difficult question to answer. Air Purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. Some have the power to clean the air in the room the size of a warehouse, while others have features such as silent running, meaning they can be installed next to your bed without disturbing your sleep.

But first, let’s look at the science side of things.

What Exactly is a Pet Allergy?

A pet allergy is an allergic reaction caused by proteins found in animals’ saliva, skin, fur,  and urine. Most often, symptoms are triggered by dander, the flakes of skin animals shed. Which basically, means any animal can cause problems for sufferers.

Dander is made up of skin particles from your pet which can collect in their fur and then is shed when the animal loses hair. These skin particles usually become instantly airborne and can remain so for long periods due to air circulation around the home.

Pet hair itself usually doesn’t usually cause allergic reactions, but as I already mentioned, it does do a great job of collecting skin particles. Pet saliva can stick to furnishings and carpets and when dried can also become airborne.

With rodents and rabbits, dust from litter or sawdust can also cause issues for sufferers. Of course, cats that remain indoors also use litter, so this particular problem isn’t only restricted to rodents and rabbits.

Signs and symptoms of a pet allergy can include sneezing, a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, cough, and swollen skin. These symptoms can become even more profound in Asthma sufferers

How Can an Air Purifier Help?

An air purifier uses filters to remove particles from the air, which can have a significant effect on the number of allergens present. The tiny particles in the air that an air purifier traps can significantly reduce the symptoms of allergy sufferers.

Pet causing sneezing air purifier needed

How to Choose an Air Purifier

Choosing an air purifier can be challenging and even more so when you’re looking for the best air purifier for pets. So, first and foremost, the level of filtration required should be addressed. Are you interested in an air purifier because you want to eliminate allergens from the air around your home? Or as well as being the best air purifier for pets, do you also need a unit that can combat odors and cigarette smoke?

Most purifiers are equipped with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter captures over 99.9% of particles in the air and can trap particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. For sufferers of any allergy, including household dust or dust mites, this type of filter is essential.

Some purifiers on the market contain more than one filter. A second or third filter containing carbon sits ahead of the HEPA filter and can be tailored specifically to particular uses such as pet odor, or cigarette smoke. So again, this type of system may be something to consider if you are targeting a specific problem.

Other air purifiers have no filters at all, but use a method called Ionization. Ionizing air purifiers work by attempting to attach an electrical charge to dust and allergen particles that pass through the unit. These neutralized particles then stick to surfaces nearby. There are however several disadvantages to using an ionizing unit: Ionizers usually don’t contain a fan, which means the device will only work effectively in the area around where it’s been placed and they can also produce Ozone, which is harmful to the environment.

What to Look For in an Air Purifier

In addition to the filtration system within an air purifier, the amount of power the unit has also needs to be considered and this leads to the question, what kind of space do you want to use the device in?

Size, in this case is the size of the room you want to use the air purifier in, really does matter. Let’s say you purchase a unit capable of purifying the air in a room of 20 sq/m, but your living room is actually 40 sq/m. Well, you don’t need me to tell you that this won’t be sufficient for your needs.

You’ve ordered a super-high-powered-turbo-vortex-jet-fan unit for your bedroom? Enjoy those sleepless nights!

It can be a minefield choosing the right air purifier for your home. But as long as you consider where you want to use it, and how large that space is, then you should be off to a great start in choosing the right machine for you

Are There any Disadvantages to Owning an Air Purifier?

Well, the result of owning an air purifier is cleaner air in your home. So, are there any real disadvantages to owning one?

In short, no. Though do be aware that there will be additional costs which come running the purifier and most models will require replacement filters at regular intervals. 

The long-term goal when purchasing an air purifier is removing particles in the air around your home, making it cleaner and safer to breath – which you will achieve if you choose the correct device for your requirements using the information above. Read on to see our shortlist for the best air purifiers for pets.

Our Top Five Short List

Bissell, 2780A MyAir Personal Air Purifier

Bissell myAirThe Bissell Purifier uses a large single unit 3-in-1 filter, designed to trap not only particles in the air but also smoke. An activated carbon system within the filter also helps to remove other odors around the home.

Measuring 12 x 8 Inches, the Bissell is compact enough to be used in the kitchen, bedroom or office without taking up a considerable amount of space.

Activated carbon within the air filter to get rid of pet odors


– Quiet mode. Can be used in the bedroom without disturbing sleep.

– 3-in-1 filter, means only one filter to clean or replace.

– Filter change indicator


– Not intended for larger rooms.

– Limited functionality

– No filter customization

Germ Guardian AC4825

Germ Guardian 4825

At 22 inches tall, the Germ Guardian isn’t the most compact unit we’ve seen. However, it is more than capable when it comes to combating pet smells and dander along with other airborne particles.

The Germ Guardian has three fan speeds and can comfortably cover an area of over 160 square feet.

The two-level filtration system, combined with UV-C light technology, ensures the air in your home is clean and free from bacteria that can cause mold. This one is a real contender for the best air purifier for pets.

AC4825 in room air purifier for pets


– User-cleanable filters

– Long filter life (6-8 months)


– At 22 inches tall, it’s not the most compact unit available.

– No remote control

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

The Hathaspace Smart Purifier contains a 5-in-1 filtration system consisting of a 4-level filter system and an air ioniser. A Nano-Cold Catalyst filter, Carbon Filter, Antibacterial, and HEPA filter ensure clean air through the area of deployment.

Covering up to 350 square feet (30 square meters) and able to complete 2 complete air circulations in an hour, the Hathaspace is the perfect unit for the average size room around the home. The unit also comes with a remote control – not a consideration for some users, but convenient, nonetheless.

Hathaspace-Smart-True air purifier for homes with pets


– Multi-layered filter system.

– Air quality sensor

– Remote control


– No washable pre-filter

– Short power cable (1.4 Meters)

COLZER Air Purifier

Colzer Air Purifier

At 23 inches tall, some of you may be thinking the COLZER is somewhat on the large side. But this unit can filter the air in spaces up to 800 square feet, which is enormous compared to other products of a similar size. 

Its three-stage physical filter system removes allergens, bacteria, and odors from the air and can be cleaned and replaced by the user. This product also has one of the quietest sleep modes around, meaning the unit can be comfortably used in the bedroom without disturbing your sleep.

Colzer Floor Plan home with pets


– Auto Mode

– Massive 800 square feet coverage.

– 3 stage replaceable filter system.


– No remote control.

– No replacement filters available (the user must clean filter).

Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet 5 Stage Air Purifier

Winix HR900

At nearly 24 inches (60 cm) tall, the Winix HR900 is the largest unit reviewed here, but also the most capable in some respects. The next generation of the popular Winix 9500, the HR900 is capable of purifying the air in an area of 300 square feet (28 square meters). This alone makes it a contender for best air purifier for pets!

Containing a filtration system of four physical filters and Winix Plasma Wave Technology, the HR900 claims to provide market-leading control of pet allergens and household odors.

A washable pre-filter sits ahead of a pet filter, odor control filter carbon filter and a HEPA filter, meaning the HR900 should be adequately equipped to get the job of keeping your air clean done with ease.

winix hr900 purifier  in room of pet home


– Washable pre-filter.

– Automatic modes.

– Great for removing odors.


– No remote control.

– Replacement filters not widely available.


Our Top Choice For the Best Air Purifier for Pet Homes


Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier.

Hathaspace HSP001

From the products reviewed above, my personal choice for the best air purifier for pets, would be the Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier.

The Hathaspace not only provides the performance needed to keep the air clean around the home, but is also well designed, user friendly, and looks fantastic. The amount of filtration provided is ahead of the other products reviewed, and while an ionizing filter may not be to everyone’s taste due to the environmental impact; it can be deactivated. This detail, however, should not be allowed to compromise the decision to have healthy, breathable air around the home.

Its automatic air sensor system is fantastic and means that once the unit is plugged in and turned on, it can do its job without a massive amount of input from the user. The machine’s ability to sense when dust or odors are present is surprisingly accurate.

Its carbon filters eliminate odors quickly, making it the perfect unit to have near to or in the kitchen. The Hathaspace really shines when it comes to removing allergens from the air. Its combination of filters works in perfect harmony to keep the air clean and breathable and free from pollutants.

All of this combined with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee means you’ll not only breathe easier but have total peace of mind.